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Universal Corner

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Universal metal corner for Pemsaband® and Inducanal® trays that allow the creation of different accessories, bends, tees, reducers, etc. Quick connection assembly using the Click system without couplers. Made of steel in various sizes and finishes.
The pre-galvanised finish is supplied flat for later assembly and provides savings on transportation and storage by reducing its volume.

Assembly by means of the quick-connect click system without the need for couplers.

Its geometry is adapted to avoid any damage to the cables when making a joint with the rest of the trays.

Available in all sizes and finishes: pre-galvanised, hot dip galvanised and stainless steel AISI304 and AISI316.

Suitable for making various aaccessories in Pemsaband® and Inducanal® tray systems in the Support, management and distribution of Electrical and/or telecommunications cables in public buildings, infrastructures and civil works, tertiary sector and industrial applications.