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Megaband 100 120

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Ladder designed for industrial environments with high loads. The Megaband® ladder consists of welded and alternating rungs, 100 and 120 mm high and safety edge to protect and strengthen the ladder. Assembly using the Click system for quick connection between sections and accessories. Made of steel, in various sizes and finishes. It is supplied in 3 metre sections.
Excellent robotic welding of rungs to the siderails. Maximum load capacity guaranteed.

The rungs are mounted alternately up and down to allow the fixing of the cables.

Joining of ladder using the Click connector system.

In accordance with IEC 61537 standard. Conforms to NEMA VE-1 standards. CE conformance with directive 2014/35 / EU.

Wide variety of sizes, finishes and accessories to adapt to the requirements of each electrical installation.

Channeling, Protection and distribution of cables in Electrical installations in Industrial applications: Power Plants, Petrochemical, Chemical, Oil & Gas. Exterior applications with humid environments.
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