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Hexagonal Set Screw

p Data sheet
Coupling kit for connecting trays and accessories, consisting of M8x20 hexagonal head bolt and M8 metal nut for Megaband® ladder installations, maintaining electrical continuity according to IEC 61537. Suitable for all ladder sizes. Made of steel, and available in various finishes.
Allows the connection of Megaband® ladder and Inducanal® tray lengths and the fixing of joints for any cut sections.

Very versatile piece for use in any joint along with a M8 hexagonal nut.

Essential fastening kit for mounting trays and accessories in the wiring support.

Electrical continuity guaranteed according to standard IEC61537.

Suitable for all sizes of cable tray.

Suitable for the fixing of joints, supports and channel structures for installations of Megaband® ladder in the management of electrical cables and / or telecommunications in public buildings, infrastructures and civil works, industrial facilities, tertiary sector.