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Side Joint Plate

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Metal side joining piece in various finishes for the assembly of different sections of Rejiband trays. Excellent adjustment with maximum load values, ensuring mechanical strength of the joint and electrical continuity, according to IEC61537 standard. For the installation of trays, the connecting plate is installed on the side of the tray and connected by means of the Rejiband Part Clamp. It is an accessory for the assembly of Rejiband trays, made of steel and available in different finishes.
Side connection for Rejiband trays.

Suitable for trays 60 to 600 mm wide.

Reinforces the joint between different sections of the tray with the use of the Rejiband fixing.

Available in various finishes: Electrozinc, bichromate, hot dip galvanized, organic mineral BLACK C8 and passivated stainless steel AISI 316.

Suitable for the joining of straight sections of Rejiband tray in all types of wall or ceiling mounted electrical installations.
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