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Solid metal lid intended to cover the straight sections of the Rejiband® wire mesh trays, Pemsaband®, Inducanal® and Megaband® ladder safe protection of the wiring. Snap fit mounting without the need of screws or fixings. The lid remains secure even in a vertical position. It has an extended overlap at the end that improves the coupling and sealing of two straight sections of cover. Made of steel and available in various finishes and sizes.
Optimum adjustment on the metal trays giving them a greater protection.

Snap fit installation without any fixings.

Simple access to specific areas in the case of having to make any changes within the electrical installation.

If the cover is combined with the sheet metal tray, it becomes an IP2X protected channel for Pemsaband® and IP4X for Inducanal®.

Available in various finishes: pre-galvanised, hot dip galvanised and stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316L.

Recommended for the protection of electrical and telecommunications wiring housed in Rejiband®, Pemsaband® and Megaband® trays in electrical and telecommunications installations in public buildings, infrastructure and civil works, industrial installation or tertiary sector.