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Kit Carabiner REJIband

p Data sheet
Carabiner cable suspension kit for Rejiband® wire mesh trays and other elements such as luminaires, air conditioning, signalling, etc. This suspension kit consists of a steel cable + block and a Y shape carabiner connection. available in cable lengths of 1 and 3 metres and carabiner suspensions of 300 and 460 mm. With a maximum load of 35 and 90 kg according to measurements. Made of steel and electrozinc finish.
Optimised design for quick and easy use. Installation savings in both material and labour.

Flexible system with various support options in structures, beams, large spans, etc.

Suitable for the support of wire mesh trays or other items with loads between 35 and 90 kg according to the reference.

CE conformity to directive 2014/35 / EU.

Electrogalvanised finish (standard EN-ISO 2081), silver colour, suitable for indoor installations. Corrosion resistance class 3.

Suitable for support by cable suspension of Rejiband® wire mesh trays, as well as other items (luminaires, air conditioning, signaling, etc.). Recommended for indoor installations.