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90º 4 Hole Angle Bracket nº4

p Data sheet
Metal Angle bracket Nº 4, L-shaped forming an angle of 90° for the assembly of two channels that cross perpendicularly for support structures in the installation of trays. Suitable for 41x21 mm and 41x41 mm channel. Made of steel and hot dip galvanised finish.
Allows the perpendicular connection of two sections of channel.

Connect with 4 hexagonal bolts and M10 channel nuts.

Available for 41x21 and 41x41 channels.

CE conformity to directive 2014/35 / EU.

Hot dip galvanised finish (standard UNE-EN ISO 1461), suitable for outdoor installations and in aggressive environments. Corrosion resistance class 6.

Suitable for connection with 41x21 mm and 41x41 mm channels for the creation of support structures for tray installations in the conduction of electric cables and / or telecommunications in public buildings, infrastructures and civil works, industrial facilities and the tertiary sector.
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