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RLH1250 Halogen Free Conduit

p Data sheet
RLH rigid pipe for the protection of electrical cables in building applications. Made of halogen-free thermoplastic material (PC + ABS) with an IP44 protection rating, compression strength of 1250 N and impact resistance of 6 J. Available in grey (RAL 7035), in a wide variety of sizes.
Compression resistance grade 4, 1250 N. Suitable for surface installations.

Excellent performance against impact.

Quick assembly via plug-in connection between conduits and fittings.

CE conformity to the 2014/35 directive and the IEC 61386 standard. Halogen-free according to EN 50267-2-1 standard.

High security, halogen free material. Reduced smoke opacity and toxicity in the event of a fire. Flame retardant.

Suitable for the protection of electrical cables in building, tertiary and industrial applications with high safety requirements. Premises of public attendance.
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