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TM-PVC 7035 Conduit

p Data sheet
TM-PVC 7035 PVC coated galvanised steel flexible conduit for the protection of wiring. Flexible corrugated conduit with steel strip, waterproof and self-extinguishing protection (IP65), compression resistance of 1250 N and impact resistance of 6 J. Available in grey (RAL 7035), in a wide variety of sizes.
High aesthetic component. RAL 7035 grey same as the other conduits or electrical materials.

No flame propagation.

High degree of tightness with RGM and RGP fittings.

CE conformity to the 2014/35 directive and the IEC 61386 standard.

Made in PVC coated galvanised steel, sealed and self-extinguishing.

Suitable for the protection of wiring and conductors in building, tertiary sector, machinery and industry with high mechanical requirements, electrical installations in suspended and surface conduits according to REBT.