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RL Coupler

p Data sheet
Electrogalvanised steel push fit coupler for the connection of RL conduits in installations that require high mechanical performance and medium resistance to corrosion. IP54 protection index. N mark of Aenor according to IEC 61386 standard.
Push fit type connection for joining RL conduits or accessories.

Protection index EN 60529: IP54.

Working temperature: -45°C to + 400°C.

CE conformance with the directive 2014/35 and the IEC 61386 standard. N mark of Aenor according to IEC 61386.

Manufactured in electrogalvanised steel (standard EN-ISO 2081), suitable for indoor installations. Anti-corrosive interior primer. Grade 2 corrosion resistance, according to IEC 61386. Medium indoor and outdoor protection.

Suitable for the joining of RL plug-in rigid metal conduits in building, tertiary and industrial applications with high safety requirements. Premises of public attendance and premises with risk of fire or explosion.