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RGm Swivel Connector

p Data sheet
Rotating metal connector with nickel-plated brass inner sleeve and self-extinguishing polyamide 6 insulating outer body for the connection of metal flexible conduits with or without plastic coating, type TM, Ecoflex®, TM-PVC. IP65 protection index. Available in various sizes in both metric and PG threads.
It has an independent rotating body that allows the connection of the fitting to the conduit for later connection to the box. The inner metal bush provides electrical continuity of the installation.

Protection index EN 60529: IP44.

Working temperature: -25°C to + 105°C.

CE conformity to the 2014/35 directive and the IEC 61386 standard.

Made of brass with external body in polyamide 6, self-extinguishing and halogen-free.

Suitable for the connection of TM, TM-PVC and Ecoflex® metallic flexible conduits, in the management of electrical cables for building, tertiary and industrial applications.