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Clamp I

p Data sheet
Zinc plated steel clamp with elastomer profile for fixing conduits in cable management installations and for protection against vibrations. Available in different diameters.
The NBR elastomer profile dampens vibrations.

Available in various sizes: NW7, NW9, NW11, NW13, NW16, NW21, NW29, NW36 and NW48.

Working temperature: -25°C to + 100°C.

CE conformity to the 2014/35 directive and the IEC 61386 standard.

Made of electrogalvanised steel with a NBR elastomer profile.

Suitable for the surface fixing of TFA, TM, TM-PVC, Ecoflex® flexible conduits and Pemsaflex® in the management of electrical cables for general applications, building, tertiary and industrial sectors.