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Stand off Bracket Click

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Metal support that allows the installation of Rejiband® and Pemsaband® trays to the floor or wall. The Click system, for quick connection of wire mesh trays, allows for installation at a height of 40 mm without the need of any fixings. Available in different sizes and finishes.
Universal mounting system compatible with wire mesh trays by means of the Quick mount Click system without the need of screws or with sheet metal trays by using screws and the configuration of L-shaped M6/M8 holes.

Allows the installation of the tray at a distance of 40 mm from the wall or floor.

Facilitates handling and vertical installation of Rejiband wire mesh tray by positioning it in the click pin system.

It is suitable for the installation of Rejiband® and Pemsaband trays and can be mounted vertically on a wall and is an efficient and simple solution as well in false floor installations.
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