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PEMSAband Universal Bracket

p Data sheet
Metal support for the installation of boxes, luminaires or other devices to the Pemsaband® and Inducanal® tray. It also allows for the wall support of light loads in Pemsaband® and Inducanal® trays of widths 60, 100 and 150. Manufactured in steel and available in pre-galvanised and hot dip galvanised finishes.
For mounting on tray use the Pemsaband M6 Connection Kit.

Quick and easy installation.

Thanks to its design it allows the placing of accessories in various positions.

Allows wall mounting of all types of trays of intermediate widths and not very high loads.

Available in pre-galvanised and hot dip galvanised finishes.

Suitable for the installation of boxes or other devices on the Pemsaband® and Inducanal® trays and for the support of light loads on the wall, in the Support, management and distribution of Electrical and/or telecommunications cables in public buildings, infrastructures and civil works, tertiary sector and industrial applications. Compatible with the range of Megaband® ladder for use as a device holder.