Symmetrical RPLUS Bracket

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Symmetrical RPLUS Bracket
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    Class 6
  • g
    100, 150, 200, 300
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    Steel with surface coating
  • ł
    -50 / 150 ºC
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    A1 No combustible
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RPLUS reinforced symmetrical support with quick click system for Rejiband® wire mesh trays and other ranges of trays with high loads and large amounts of cables. For mounting on the wall, channel or ceiling mounted pendants. Made of steel and available in widths of 100, 150, 200 and 300 mm, GC Protection System.

Click system allows fast connection of the wire mesh tray without the need of fixings. Greater economy and quick assembly.

Universal mounting system compatible with Rejiband® grid trays, Pemsaband® sheet and PVC trays. A single support for all trays. Reduction in the number of references.

Structural reinforcement, which reduces the twisting and increases the load capacity.

CE conformity to directive 2014/35 / EU.

GC protection system (standard UNE-EN ISO 1461), suitable for outdoor installations and in aggressive environments. Corrosion resistance class 6.

Suitable for supporting high loads of cable trays to the ceiling for electrical installations and / or of telecommunications in: Civil works, tunnels, car parks, public buildings, commercial centres, large infrastructures such as: Airports, underground, rail, tertiary sector, industrial naval, petrochemical, textile, chemical and food applications, according to the finish.
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