Versatile Solution

Wide range of accessories with multiple applications

Maximum functionality and adaptation

to different spaces and environments

Insulating material, electrical safety

and a reduction of maintenance costs

Excellent performance in corrosive environments,

 weathering and exposure to UV radiation

Environmentally friendly

 Recyclable material. Sustainable packaging

Patented system

Innovation and development of our own products

Differentiating features

Unique support profile

Increased functionality and versatility for anchoring accessories and devices

Lower rail

Fast and accurate adjustment of accessories

Straight coupler

Snap and pre-attach for quick connection

Lid retainer

Prevents deformation due to thermal changes and facilitates the removal/assembly of the covers

Multifunction support

Vertical, suspended and floor installation + fixing of conduits onto the base

Support profile

designed to accommodate the mounting of accessories

Horizontal supports

with perforations for Conduit Fixing Clip and Clip Screw

T joint

Unique accessory for horizontal and vertical joints

Technical features

Electrical insulation

EN 61537

Insulated, non-electrical conductor

Does not require earthing

Impact resistance

EN 61537

Impact resistance 20J 
Tray 60 x 100 10J

EN 50085-2-1

Tray with lid: IK10


EN 61537

Incandescent wire test at 960 ºC.

Does not spread flame


V0 Grade. Not transmit or leak


Maximum and minimum temperature of -20ºC a +60ºC in transportation, storage, installation and use

Good performance against weathering

and UV radiation

ANSI / UL 568

Raw material

free of hazardous substances and compliant with


Degrees of protection IP-XX

(Penetration of liquid and solids)

IP2X (perforated tray)

IP4X or IP44 (solid tray)

Load Capacity

EN 61537

Load Capacity

Chemical substances

Good behaviour against chemicals

ISO/TR 10358 and DIN 8061


Renewable energies

Charging electric vehicles

Offshore Industry

Water Industry

Petrochemical industry

Shipbuilding industry
and marine applications

Railway industry

Services construction

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