The required international growth and the technical requirements of the sector define our position as leaders in a market which demands the ongoing creation of new solutions, which comply with the most stringent standards, requirements and certification. Accordingly Pemsa has achieved the following Approvals:

N Mark from AENOR.

rejiband® and pemsaband® are the only metal trays in the market to have obtained the N Mark from AENOR. By the award of this1-LogoMarcadoN

Mark, AENOR certifies that rejiband® and pemsaband® have met the requirements of the European standard, IEC-EN-61537, “Cable Tray Systems and Cable Ladder Systems for cable management”, which specify the requirements regarding safety, tests, technical characteristics, etc. Which the trays must comply with.

More information about the N MarkN Mark Certificates


E90. Fire resistance.

The rejiband® metal tray has passed the test for the German safety standard DIN 4102-12, which tests the electrical installation, trays

and cables as a whole, certifying that the electrical properties of the installation are maintained for 90 minutes at over 1000 ºC.

E90 certificateMore information about E90


UL certification. Guaranteed electrical continuity.

This certification confirms that rejiband® trays guarantee good continuity between sections of the tray so that they can be used

in specific situations, such as for earthing, without the need for an additional protective conductor.

UL CertificateMore information about UL certification


BYCRO finish satisfies RoHS 2002/95/EC.

Pemsa has eliminated Hexavalent Chromium from its production processes, manufacturing the rejiband® BYCRO tray finish

in accordance with the latest Environmental Directives.

BYCRO RoHS certificate