Vodafone Plaza Madrid, Spain.




GRUCONSA, Grupo Conector S.A.


  • rejiband 35
  • rejiband 60
  • pemsaband LX

Product Solution

Construction/ Tertiary Sector

The new corporate headquarters of Vodafone Spain is a complex consisting of 5 buildings with 7 floors above ground and a total area of 50,000 m2. It is located in the elite of the business complexes in Madrid, with a modern, safe and technologically advanced design.

Pemsa carried out the supply of rejiband® wire mesh tray, with BYCRO coating, and pemsaband®LX for the wiring systems, as well as covers and various different support solutions.

One of the support solutions incorporated into this building was the Floor Foot bracket, an excellent and versatile system for floors. Their Click system and the rejiband®

configuration allow an easy and functional installation.

For more information see the Pemsa product solution on Construction/ Tertiary Sector.