ENCE Biomass Processing Plant Huleva, Spain




50 MW


OHL Industrial


  • megaband 100
  • rejiband 100
  • RPLUS Cantilever Arms
  • 41x41 Channel

Product Solution


Pemsa, for the electrical wiring systems, carried out the supply of megaband®, Cable Ladder with GC or hot-dip galvanized surface treatment, rejiband® wire mesh cable tray, in passivated stainless steel material AISI316L, and other accessories such as the medium duty RPLUS cantilever RPLUS and couplers.

This biomass generation plant is the largest one of its category in Spain with 50MW rated power. It has a planned annual production of 350 GWh, which will prevent the importation of fossil fuels amounting to €12.5 million per year. Since both residual biomass as energy crops are used as fuels, the supply to the plant operations will allow 312,500 tonnes per year of CO2 capture.

The highlight of the installation solutions is the megaband®, cable ladder. With a high load capacity this product makes possible the wiring of very large power cables that are necessary in these facilities.

It should also be noted the finishes and material used in the cable trays surface treatment to prevent corrosion. Both the hot dip galvanizing, with a thickness of 85 micron (class 8 according to IEC 61537), and stainless steel AISI 316L (class 9) finish perfectly fit the tray system requirements for the aggressive conditions within these power plants.

For more information see the Pemsa product solution on Energy.