The most complete range of Cable Glands

Friday, 1st March – Pemsa presents a new range of IRIS Cable Glands for cables focus on special and industrial applications.


New IRIS rango stands out by the extension fo new references and new plastic and metallic cable glands for the following applications:  


  • Electromagnetic compatibiliy, IRIS-M EMC
  • High temperatures with silicone elements even 180 ºC. IRIS-M-H. TEMP
  • XL application for cables with big diammeters. IRIS-M XL
  • Plugs to protect multicable applications. IRIS-P IP IC IA y IRIS-M IP IA IC
  • Cable glands with flexible elements to protect cables. IRIS-M FLEX e IRIS-P FLEX
  • Stainless steel Cable Glands for aggressive enviroments and food industry. IRIS-M INOX.


This new range of products also include the  New “IRIS AIR” range of Cable Glands and Caps, that have the ventilation function and press balance, maintaining high requirements of water tighness.


Click here to download the Catalogue of IRIS Cable Glands range.


For further technical information you cand contact with the Marketing Department


This product range is also included in the General Catalogue nº503 available in the Download section of the Pemsa Website in the following link: