Pemsa launches its new installation guide which shows, step by step, how to install Rejiband Rapide.


You can now download the new Installation Guide for Rejiband ® wire mesh cable tray: a new online resource to help installers, through illustrations, that shows, step by step, how to install Rejiband® products in their projects.


Through its configuration of steel mesh, Rejiband® tray allows the cutting, handling and bending to create accessories at the point on which the installer is working on. It is not necessary to manage and purchase bends, crossovers or reducers etc.


Using own creations and a specific range of accessories it is possible to manipulate this wire mesh cable tray, enabling it to fit to the installation requirements.


This feature means a 40% saving in material and a 30% saving in labour.


Through various simple illustrations, the company shows step by step, from the beginning, how to install its wire mesh cable tray.

With this document, the installer will find accurate instructions in order to understand and easily create the following assemblies:


  • Various joints between straight sections depending on the type of coupling required.
  • Creating 90º bends in different assemblies according to the required radius or for a different funcionality.
  • Fast connection system to bends or another type of assembly.
  • Tees, Crossovers
  • Level changes, inside and outside risers
  • Fitting of covers
  • Installation using supports.


Moreover, the guide is available in 3 languages: Spanish, English and French.


This guide is another online resource presented by the Company in order to focus on digitalization as a priority in its communications strategy.


You can download the Installation Guide via the following link: