The tool integrated into the company’s website makes it quick and easy to select the most suitable tray for a project.


One of the hallmarks of Pemsa, the world’s leading manufacturer of cable management solutions, is its commitment to professionals. Since its inception, the company has striven not only to develop products that meet and respond specifically to their needs, but also to create tools that make their day-to-day work easier.


Because the most important asset any professional has is their time, years ago the company launched PemsaPro, an online application for the calculation and sizing of cable trays according to the weight of the cables and other parameters of the installation, so that engineers and installers could select the most suitable cable tray for their electrical or telecommunications installation project quickly and easily.


Integrated into the Pemsa website, professionals only need to register in the Technical Support section to access the application directly and enjoy all it has to offer:

  • Quick and easy selection and sizing of the tray for any project.
  • Online application on Web and App.
  • Wide variety of cable types and cable manufacturers.
  • Complete report with all the data to attach to the project.
  • Additional information on broken down prices, work items, Certificates, catalogues, etc.


PemsaPro, now with more options and more intuitive

After years of making life easier for engineers and installers, Pemsa has decided to update the application, making its functions even more complete and easier than ever for its users.

Among its most outstanding features are:

  • Dimensioning of all Pemsa tray systems. Rejiband® Rapide, Rejiband®, Pemsaband®, Megaband®.
  • Extensive database of leading cable manufacturers.
  • Study and definition of the installation by sections.
  • Choice of different corrosion protection systems.
  • Generation of a complete report with all the data.
  • Load value of the span, necessary for the selection of the appropriate supports.


The result is a partner that is practically able to develop a project itself by simply providing all the information and data on required metres, type of cabling etc. which it now also provides:

  • Information and data on all tray ranges.
  • Visualisation of Prescription data, Online Catalogue, catalogues and videos.
  • Available in 4 languages. Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.
  • Dimensioning data according to REBT. For General Power Supply Lines and individual branch lines.
  • Allows opening of old projects from the previous version, to update their data and warning when the project needs to be updated.


These innovations translate into a reduction in project development time that not only leads to significant cost savings, but also to a significant competitive advantage. Presenting your customers with a complete project that contains as much information as possible is becoming an increasing priority for companies of all sizes and in all sectors.