Pemsa has become the first brand worldwide to adopt and validate its product catalogue in the ETIM xChange format.


This milestone marks an important step in the company’s commitment to offering the best possible experience to its customers, providing them with accurate, complete and easily accessible product information.

“For several years we have been working to classify our products under the ETIM classification, this step is a clear commitment to support the development and adoption of the open ETIM classification standard.” Juan Luis Concheso (Product Marketing Manager of Pemsa).

ETIM xChange marks a milestone in product data standardisation. Contributing to its adoption is an investment in the future of the industry.


Benefits of ETIM xChange: The key to better product data communication

Based on the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) language, is a lighter, more adaptable and modern technological support that offers a series of significant advantages for companies, such as:

Greater Flexibility

ETIM xChange uses a modular structure that separates essential product information, commercial reference and packaging units. This allows it to adapt to different contexts and needs.

Total Control by ETIM International

Unlike ETIM BMEcat, ETIM xChange is fully controlled by ETIM International and its community. This guarantees a more agile evolution aligned with market demands.

Efficiency in Data Exchange: Improvement of the value chain and purchasing experience for end customers

The JSON-based format facilitates data transmission and processing.

Companies can share product information more quickly and accurately, favouring a more fluid and satisfactory purchasing experience for customers and end users on eCommerce platforms.

Gradual transition

Although ETIM BMEcat will continue to coexist, organisations can migrate to ETIM xChange gradually according to their needs and capabilities.

A more sustainable future

ETIM xChange develops specific sections on Legislation and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), EPDs of product environmental declarations, carbon footprint etc., allowing companies to include the necessary information for compliance with and adoption of European guidelines and customer expectations or requirements on the subject.

In practice, what can you find in Pemsa’s xChange format?

  • Trade prices for product systems, cable trays and conduits.
  • Sales Tariff Groups
  • Packaging logistics information, with weights, dimensions, volume of primary packaging and per pallet.
  • Product image information and installation details by reference.
  • Technical characteristics, dimensions, finishes, classification, etc.
  • Descriptions by references.
  • Links to product pages in the Online Catalogue, technical data sheets and product certificates.

Commitment to service, innovation and excellence

The adoption of ETIM xChange is a new example of Pemsa’s commitment to innovation and digitisation within the sector that contribute to the improvement of customer service. The company has always been at the forefront of developing solutions for cable management, and is now leading the way in the adoption of product data exchange standards that facilitate the eCommerce sales processes of its electrical material distribution customers.


You can consult the ETIM classification of each product by accessing the Online Catalogue here.

You can also consult the ETIM Classification on the following platforms:



Or you can contact Pemsa to request the ETIM xChange format with the company’s product data.