The features of this wire mesh tray make it the most suitable system for IT projects: Data centres, telecommunication, voice and data

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Duration-of-Chamber-testThe rejiband® BLACK C8® finish is obtained through a new manufacturing process that improves both the barrier effect against the humidity and the ability of self-healing in any damaged areas. Its main advantages compared to other products with similar functions are:

  • High Corrosion Resistance: This is demonstrated with the result obtained in the neutral salt spray test with more than 1,200 hours. The corrosion resistance is then classified as Class 8, according to Table 9 of the current standard BS EN 61537: The maximum classification, excluding stainless steel.
  • Electrical continuity. The coating maintains the electrical continuity of rejiband®, complying with the requirements of BS EN 61537 standard for cable tray systems with electrical continuity characteristics. This feature allows bonding to other exposed conductive elements and, in case of an electrical fault, the
    evacuation of the electrical currents to earth.
  • Open structure: rejiband® wire mesh tray allows the perfect visibility of the wires along their length, allowing for better organization and maintenance, improving the cooling and the installation’s global efficiency.
  • Strength and flexibility: rejiband® allows maximum use of their capacity and a better adaptation to the path of the installation, enhancing subsequent amendments, in both technical floors and overhead installations.
  • Zinc Whisker free: The BLACK C8 coating of rejiband® avoids the problem of Zinc Whiskers, the emergence over time of filaments of zinc that can cause failures in the electronic equipment of these facilities. The chromate coating, formed during the passivation with hexavalent free chromium salts, reduces the intergranular tensions produced during the electrolytic and/or pre-galvanized process and origin of the Zinc Whiskers, and creates a protective layer that seals the outer surface.
  • International Standards: rejiband® BLACK C8® has obtained the N Mark product certification from AENOR, an independent company that have tested the technical characteristics according to IEC 61537, and the C8 Test Certificate from IEC System for Mutual Recognition of Test Certificates for Electrical Equipment (IECEE) CB Scheme. rejiband® is also UL Classified according to the E305934 Certificate of Compliance from UL. (See approvals here)

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