This feature increases the options to fix the cables providing a better, and more useful, cable tray


Pemsa has included a double perforation on the side wall in pemsaband® LX & SX. This feature increases the options to fix the cables.


The key features and benefits of this product are:


  • Double perforation on the side wall, which increases the options to fix and tie cables directly to the side wall and/or using the side perforations with the first longitudinal perforation on the base.

double perforations


  • This change applies on the 60 mm height pemsaband® LX & SX. The double side perforation is already included on the Pemsaband® 85 and 100mm high ranges.
  • The height of the upper perforations keep the same size and location as the previous one, maintaining the compatibility with all of the range of accessories and also with the joints and riser/droppers when it is necessary to join the cable tray after cutting.
  • This improvement applies on both Pre-Galvanised and Hot Dip Galvanised finishes.


Additionaly, pemsaband® includes a new improvement where, the perforation location has been changed in the click system of the tray. This perforation has been turned 90º to make the connection between two sections of the coupling system easier whilst improving the alignment of the holes for connection with the C/DIN 603 fixings.

pemsaband sx-lx



  • CE according to 2014/35/UE
  • Aenor N Mark.
  • Corrosion resistance Class 3 for the finish Sendzimir galvanized and Hot Dip galvanized, according to IEC 61537.
  • UL Certified nº 20160331-E305934. (Pemsaband® LX)
  • E90 Fire Resistance acc. to DIN 4102-12. (Pemsaband® SX)