This screwless quick connection system in only two steps saves up to 50 % of installation time.


With the aim of facilitating the connection of perforated and blind sheet metal trays in cable conduit installations, the company presents a new quick-fixing bracket that offers all the guarantees and functionalities possible in ceiling or wall tray and ladder installations.


Manufactured in steel with a GC protection system this screwless quick connection bracket secures to channel structures in just two steps and saves up to 50% of the conventional installation time of this type of bracket.


Figure 1. Installation steps for connection to Pemsaband® type sheet metal trays


Figure 2. Installation steps for connection on Megaband® type ladder trays.


This new solution is focussed on cable management projects in electrical and telecommunications installations in public buildings, infrastructure and civil works, industrial installations and the tertiary sector.


Its use is recommended for connecting Pemsaband®trays made of perforated or blank sheet metal and Megaband®-type ladder trays to 41×21 and 41×41-type rail structures or horizontal rail-type supports, in ceiling installations or wall installations, respectively.


This solution includes a wide range of references according to tray height, being available for wings of 35, 60, 85, 100, 120 and 150 mm.