The company details new technical information as well as applications and recommendations that are available to the installer.


Pemsa has developed a new catalogue on the BLACK C8 ® protection system, with the aim of adding value to the installer and also expanding and updating the technical information.


This solution is the most suitable for data processing centres since, thanks to its multilayer structure, it inhibits the appearance and subsequent detachment of Zinc Whiskers that can be very harmful due to the contamination of the electronic and communication processes in these types of facilities.


This new catalogue stands out in two essential aspects:


  • Updated technical information on the BLACK C8 ® High Corrosion Resistance System. The document shows the new data that supports the technical characteristics and performance of the product.


  • The presentation in a practical way of the Applications and installation recommendations according to environment and Corrosion Categories. This catalogue includes recommendations for the application of the BLACK C8 ® protection system according to sector and environment or location, according to the Corrosivity Categories set out in the ISO 9223 standard.


The outstanding features of the BLACK C8 ® system:


  • This tray has excellent corrosion behaviour, according to the Saline Mist test, of +1,500 hours.


  • New methods of Cyclical Tests of resistance to corrosion with +2,600 hours of results. These tests use a method that much better simulates actual conditions in wet and corrosive environments.


Excellent electrical conductivity. It is a metallic protection system, not a paint, so it meets the parameters set by the international standard IEC 61537 and the American standard NEMA VE-2.


Regarding the recommended applications for the BLACK C8 ® system, we can highlight the following:


  • Renewables: Photovoltaic plants, solar roofs, wind turbines.
  • Tunnels: road and rail.
  • Agricultural facilities or Food processing plants (dairy), meat industry (chicken farms and pig industry with ventilation).
  • Industry: distribution warehouses and basic process factories.
  • Data Centres
  • Public Premises: shopping centres, sports centres, offices, universities, museums and swimming pools.

Download the BLACK C8 ® catalog here: