The main feature of Megaband® pre-galvanised is its reinforced clinching system for the connection of the ladder rung and the siderail.


Pemsa launches its new product, Megaband® PG Pre-galvanised. Its highlighted features are the easy assembly using the click system for quick connection between lengths and accessories, and the guaranteed maximum load capacity.


The ladder rungs are mounted alternately up and down to allow the fixing of the cables and it is available in heights of 60, 85, 100, 120 and 150 mm and widths from 100 to 1000 mm.


The main features of Megaband® PG are:


  • The rungs are mounted alternately up and down to allow the fixing of the cables.
  • Reinforced clinching system for the connection of the rung and the siderail.
  • Integrated connecting system. No couplers are required, just the appropriate M8 nuts and bolts.
  • High load capacity with a range of 190 to 250 kgs at a distance of 2 metres between supports.
  • High quality Pre-galvanised finish, achieving Class 3 corrosion resistance.
  • Alternate rungs increase cable fixing options.
  • Safety edge thanks to the rounded profile of the side rail. It facilitates the click connection of the straight cover without the need for any fixings.
  • Wide range of accessories, 90º and 45º bends, crossovers, Tees, level changes, etc., which all have the same technical characteristics as the straight ladder section, integrated couplers, corrosion resistance, etc.


Megaband® PG has been developed, like all of our products, according to tests and approvals in our laboratories according to the parameters of the international standard of trays IEC61537 and has complied with all of the requirements.


We have a CE certificate in compliance with the low voltage directive 2014/35 / EU and the approval of London Underground for railway installations, tunnels and underground infrastructures.