Rapide stands out with its fast connection system requiring no screws or fixings and totally guaranteed electrical continuity


Pemsa launches its new product, Rejiband Rapide. This new wire mesh cable tray has a super-quick system of connection: a two-step assembly, requiring no screws or fastenings, that greatly assists in the speed of the installation.


This new Rapide wire mesh cable tray offers two installation options: a vertical and a swivel assembly. With the first one, the tray fits vertically from the top whilst the swivel installation assembles with just two clicks, one for each side. Both options facilitate the installation of the product both on the wall and in the ceiling and, in a real install situation, generates an important saving in time and labour costs.




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In addition to its suggestive aesthetic appearance, Rejiband Rapide guarantees Electrical Continuity according to the standard IEC61537. The system is patented and has an excellent loading capacity.


This new fast connection wire mesh cable tray comes with the rounded safety edge of the Rejiband® system, which prevents injury to the installer and damage to the cables during the installation process.


Rejiband Rapide has been submitted, like all of our products, to tests and approvals in laboratories with all of the latest technologies, according to the parameters of the international regulation of cable trays IEC61537 and has complied with all of their requirements.


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About Pemsa


Pemsa, the manufacturer of Rejiband Wire Mesh Cable Tray, is a Company specialised in technical solutions with cable trays systems and has over 50 years of experience and presence in more than 50 countries.


The Brand stands out for its commitment to quality and does so through the N, ER and IQNET Certifications granted by AENOR, the leading certifying institution in Spain. Pemsa was the first cable tray manufacturer in Spain and one of the first European manufacturers of cable trays to gain ISO 9001 Certification.