The fastest cable tray in the market now with high resistance to corrosion


Rejiband Rapide, an innovative cable tray that reduces coupling time to just two seconds.


Now, Pemsa launch Rejiband Rapide Black C8, the fastest cable tray on the market, in this case, in a high-resistance finish for humid environments.


This product has a resistance of more than 1,000 hours in a salt spray chamber, that certifies it as Class 8 according to the international product standard IEC 61537. In addition, it guarantees electrical continuity according to IEC61537, thanks to the Rapide joint system  and the metallic mineral finish of the tray.


Its high resistance to corrosion, along with safety and quality, are some of the highlights of this product.

Qualities that the company is very aware of include for example, rounded safety edges that allow the handling of the trays in a totally safe way for the installer whilst also protecting the cables.


Ease of assembly, thanks to its flexibility and the quick coupling system, allow the joining of lengths without any need for nuts, bolts or additional couplers. This represents significant savings in both material and labour costs.


Both the Rapide system and the safety edge are systems patented by Pemsa to guarantee the maximum performance of its products.


The load capacity is another strong point of this tray, with load values between 25 and 30% superior to other trays with similar characteristics on the market. Along with these features there are certifications such as the N Mark of AENOR and UL Certified that guarantee the technical characteristics of this product.


Rejiband Rapide Black C8 is available in heights 60 and 100 and widths from 60 to 600 depending on the depths.


The new cable tray offers two installation options: vertical and swivel assembly. With the first option, cable trays are pushed down from the top whilst, with the swivel assembly, it joins in two clicks. Both options facilitate the installation of the product both on the wall and in the ceiling and, in a real installation situation, generates significant savings in time and labour.