This new product expands Pemsa’s comprehensive, high corrosion resistant solution for cable management in outdoor applications.

This product has the same design as the existing covers of other protection systems, so it has the same advantages and functionalities, adding those of the BLACK C8® protection system.

Application BK8

  • Complete high corrosion-resistant solution. Rejiband Rapide tray + joints + accessories + supports + cover. Unified aesthetic finish in black.
  • Metallic protection system, with electrical continuity classification according to the international standard for trays IEC 61537. Ensures electrical continuity between tray and cover.
  • Snap-fit installation with a click system without the need for any additional fastening or screws.
  • Optimal cover fit on Rejiband® and Rejiband® Rapide trays, providing extra cable protection.
  • Closing flange at the ends to prevent movement or sliding in vertical installations.
  • Wide range. Available for all widths: 60, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 450, 500 and 600mm.
  • CE and UKCA compliance with the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU and Electrical and Equipment (safety) Regulations directive 2016, respectively.


BLACK C8® is a high corrosion-resistant metallic protection system, classified as Class 8 according to IEC 61537 standard. With a minimum resistance of over 1,500 hours in a continuous salt spray test according to ISO 9227, it ensures durability and reliability in humid and aggressive environments. The resistance of this finish is also certified according to the cyclic corrosion test standard IEC 60997-2.

Due to these corrosion resistance properties, this protection system is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments and locations as defined in the ISO 14713-3 and ISO 9223 standards and which are classified into Categories from C1 to C4.

This high corrosion resistance is evident in environments, where weather conditions and the risk of deterioration threaten to compromise the integrity of installations. It is particularly notable in Renewable Energy projects such as solar covers and photovoltaic plants.

You can obtain more information here about the corrosivity categories by consulting the catalogue.



Recommended for the protection of electrical and telecommunications wiring in Rejiband® and Rejiband® Rapide trays in electrical and telecommunications installations in public buildings, service sector, infrastructure and civil works, industrial installations and humid outdoor environments.

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With this new addition to its catalogue, Pemsa continues its commitment to innovation and excellence in cable management solutions, reinforcing the company’s position as a leader in the sector by offering products that combine functionality, performance, durability and cost-effectiveness.