Online application for the calculation and sizing of cable trays

Introducing the online calculation application “pemsaPro” where engineers and installers can perform a simple and quick selection of the most appropriate tray for your electrical installation or telecoms cables.

Access to the application or support documents here:

The uniqueness is the integration into our website. Once you have registered in the Technical Support section: Technical Support you can directly access the application and define the parameters of your installation in each section to obtain the appropriate tray.

You can use and define:

• Systems of rejiband® Wire Trays, pemsaband® and inducanal® Cable Trays or megaband® Cable Ladder.
• Interior protection finishes of PG, EZ and Bycro, for outside BLACK C8 and H.D.G. or 304 and 316L Stainless Steel.
• Section lengths
• Distance between supports
• And of course the cables. “pemsaPro” has an extensive database of the most recognised brands in the industry.

Features & Benefits

• You can define the sections of your installation, saving the “Project” in your user account.
• Print or export the data using a technical report in “PDF” format.
• It includes the new rejiband® BLACK C8 High Resistance finish.
• Also includes megaband® Cable Ladder for industrial or heavy load installations.
• The configuration of the cables can be above each other (several layers) or in a flat plane (single layer).
The technical report shows the data of the calculated installation: trays selected, cables, useful section, loads and weights, including data load required for the subsequent selection of the brackets.

Consult the support documents, the user guide and the Video tutorial mentioned, to begin using the application.
For any additional information or clarification, please contact us at the following address: or in the Website: