Pemsa once again highlights its leadership by developing the new ETIM xChange format, the new product information exchange format based on the JSON structure standard, allowing manufacturers and distributors internationally to share their digital catalogues with the highest possible quality.

The rapid adaptation to this new format reinforces the company’s commitment to providing the distribution channel with product data based on the international ETIM Product Classification with the highest data quality to facilitate the marketing of cable management systems and contribute to improving the value chain, resulting in benefits for the end user or installer in the purchasing process.

What is the ETIM xChange format?

ETIM xChange has been designed to replace ETIM BMEcat and provide a better framework to support the constant evolution of new digital product content requirements. Among the main benefits of this new standard are:

  1. ETIM xChange is the first standard for exchanging product data that is fully controlled by ETIM International and its community. Therefore, integration of the ETIM classification is much more optimised.
  2. JSON-based format, easy to read and suitable for web/API exchange.
  3. Flexible use: allows for the complete transfer of the catalogue or delta changes, with an optional hierarchical structure.
  4. Clear data structure and validation, with complete semantic description and JSON schema for technical authentication.
  5. Uses GS1 standards for precise and consistent identification of elements and locations.
  6. Better distinction between Products, Commercial Items and Packaging Units, reducing redundancy.
  7. Supports multiple product classifications for easier adoption and customisation.
  8. Support for multilingual catalogues, sustainability and environmental considerations.
  9. Includes specific sections for Legislation and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
  10. Allows for specific extensions and local requirements aligned with the local ETIM organisation.


Although Pemsa has adopted this new format, it continues to work with the BMEcat 4.0 and 5.0 and still  structures its product information in these formats, which are still widely accepted, in the implementation of product information in digital systems and platforms.

To obtain Pemsa’s product information, in both xChange and BMEcat formats, please contact us on the following email:

Within ETIM International, Pemsa is part of ETIM Spain, collaborating in the development of specifications and changes for this standardised international product classification through participation in the specific group for cable management systems.

As a result of working with the ETIM classification, and the quality of data in its product catalogue, Pemsa is one of the brands with the highest quality of product information:

  • Among the top 3 brands on the ElectroNET Platform.
  • 10/10 in data quality, awarded by FEGIME Spain.
  • In 2022, AUNA Distribution presented the brand with an award for the best product information.

To learn more about the ETIM classification or ETIM International, click here.