In humid and aggressive environments, protection is key. Rejiband® BLACK C8® offers the highest corrosion resistance on the market, guaranteeing the durability and reliability of installations.

BLACK C8® is a high corrosion resistant metal protection system, classified as Class 8 according to the IEC 61537 standard. With a minimum resistance of more than 1,500 hours in continuous salt spray testing, according to ISO 9227, it guarantees durability and reliability in humid and aggressive environments. Our range of cable trays, Rejiband® and Rejiband Rapide®, with their BLACK C8® protection system, have exceeded 1,500 hours in salt spray chamber testing.

The continuous salt spray chamber test is a laboratory procedure used to evaluate the corrosion resistance of materials and metal coatings. In this test, according to ISO 9227, the material is exposed to a highly corrosive simulated environment, where a salt solution (usually sodium chloride) is sprayed as a mist onto the material’s surface for a specified period of time.


Rejiband® and Rejiband Rapide® have been certified by AENOR’s N Mark as cable trays that are highly resistant to corrosion.

The results of the salt spray test provide reference information to establish the different corrosion resistance classes outlined in the UNE-EN 61537 product standard, with Class 8 being the highest classification. In this regard, Rejiband® and Rejiband Rapide® wire trays have their technical characteristics externally certified, including this corrosion resistance classification, with the AENOR N Mark.

The high resistance of this protection system is also certified according to the IEC 60997-2 cyclic corrosion test standard, achieving a value of more than 2,600 hours.

Due to these corrosion resistance properties, this protection system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, as defined in the ISO 14713-3 and ISO 9223 standards, and classified in Categories C1 to C4.

Therefore, the importance of this system in environments where weather conditions and the risk of deterioration threaten to compromise the integrity and lifespan of installations is highlighted. Rejiband® and Rejiband Rapide®, thanks to their BLACK C8® protection system, offer superior resistance that exceeds the highest demands, especially standing out in renewable energy projects such as solar rooftops and photovoltaic plants where protection against humidity and condensation is essential to preserve the cable’s lifespan.