Our landing page offers all of the digital resources about the product in just one page


Pemsa launches this week the first landing page about one of its new highlighted products during this year: Rejiband Rapide.


The new landing page includes all of the necessary information about the product: check all of its features, advantages and sizes. Learn how to install it and uninstall it with audio visual tools, or check the online catalogue, where you will find this and all of the other products.


This landing page means an innovation resource for the sector, and an answer to the company goals regarding digitalisation, making it much easier for the installer to check all of the info anywhere, in the office or on the building site.


When you visit this landing page you will have access to the following benefits:


  • Product information
  • Highlighted advantages and sizes.
  • Direct access to the online catalogue.
  • Installation instructions – install and uninstall.
  • Audio visual resources – Cable organisation with the Rejiband system accessories tutorial.
  • Savings and optimisation of the expenses.
  • Request a sample of Rejiband Rapide.


From this landing page it is also possible to request a sample of Rejiband Rapide, with the aim of the customer being able to personally check the product quality.


You can find the landing page at this link: