Prevents injury, damage to cables, short circuits

When you use rejiband®, you are working with the safest tray on the market that offers you the best protection in handling, avoiding accidents, protecting cables and installation.

rejiband® incorporates a wide range of solutions, developed to successfully solve any project, always with the maximum security for you and your work.

We have created the campaign “Protect your hand, use rejiband®”, to inform you about all of the advantages of working with rejiband®. We have made available information that will allow you to evaluate the excellent quality of the product.

rejiband® is much more than a tray, it is an entire system, focused on facilitating the completion of work in the shortest possible time, with the maximum guarantees of success and with the highest security. For this, it has a wide range of accessories perfectly designed to carry out any project, in the simplest and safest way possible.

Extensive range of measures and finishes that cover any need, from the most basic to the most demanding and resistant.

If you have not already done so, register in our Technical Support where you can consult the extensive documentation available and request all the information to obtain the most appropriate tray.

Discover all the benefits that rejiband® can bring you and… “use rejiband®”.
And of course “Protect your hand”…, work with maximum safety and… “order rejiband®”.

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