Solar Totem is the new multifunctional overhead mounting system for the installation of cable trays and conduits on solar roof installations.

The renewable energy market is one of the fastest growing markets over the last decades. Moreover, this upward trend is expected to continue in the coming years.


Greater public awareness of issues such as climate change and ecology, as well as changes in energy policies and the growth of the green industry are making Spain, in particular, one of the countries where renewables have grown the most.


Taking this context into account, Pemsa has developed a new multifunctional elevated mounting solution for the support of cable conduction systems on solar roofs: Solar Totem.


Solar Totem is a multifunctional elevated mounting system for the installation of Rejiband wire mesh trays, Pemsaband perforated metal trays and also provides other functional mounting solutions for cable management in solar roof installations or other above-ground applications.


tóteem montaje


The system consists of a hermetic container made of insulating material, closed by a threaded cap that guarantees its watertightness while at the same time providing the necessary housing on the outside for fixing the different anchoring accessories for the trays to be installed. It is supplied in Kit format, including additional parts for fixing the trays such as a Central Suspension unit with BK8 protection system along with 2 self-tapping screws and flat washers in INOX protection system, I304 finish.


A safe and adaptable solution to the industry’s needs


Solar Totem is designed so that it can be filled with water, sand or concrete to increase its weight and facilitate the stability of the assembly but not, in the case of using water, exceeding the level of the main body of the product.


In addition, its design is intended to make installation as efficient and safe as possible. The configuration of the holes in the Totem plug facilitates the connection of the different elements of the kit for the installation of several types of cable management.


On the upper side, it has a safety indicator to indicate the correct closure of the plug, while its slots are designed for easy handling and transport.



Finally, on the underside it has a series of markings for aligning the installation and its base is optimised for the application of mounting adhesive for fixing on even surfaces where drilling is not possible.




Wide range of applications


Although Solar Totem is the perfect solution for photovoltaic installations on flat solar roofs where drilling is not possible, flat solar roofs on impermeable asphalt sheets and solar roofs on concrete or gravel backing, its functionality also allows it to act as an intermediate point for creating a support for installations with large spans or distances between supports and also to support and lift above-ground cable ducts in industrial or tertiary installations.


For more information, please consult the Sólar Totem product catalogue at this link.



This new product is included in Pemsa’s product solution focused on the photovoltaic industry, self-consumption and renewables. It includes the BLACK C8 High Resistance System, consisting of the Rejiband Rapide Black BK8 tray, supports and accessories, as well as several ranges of rigid and flexible conduits with excellent performance for the renewable energy sector.


Rejiband Rapide Black BK8, the cable tray with the fastest connection system and high resistance.


The Rejiband Rapide Black C8 is an innovative cable tray that reduces installation time to two seconds, without the need for screws or fixings. Its finish is characterised by high corrosion resistance, safety and quality. It is the ideal solution for channelling cables in solar parks and photovoltaic self-consumption installations with power from 10 MW or in more industrial installations from 50 MW.


For more information about Rejiband Rapide, please click here.


 Rejiband Rapide C8

System of conduits, fittings and accessories for self-consumption installations.


On the other hand, Pemsa has several ranges of conduits for renewable energy installations, such as flexible Polyamide 6 LG-PA and ST-PA, rigid RPVC 1250, rigid RLH 1250 and hot-dip galvanised RRGC and RLGC conduits that offer excellent protection and cable conduction in Photovoltaic Roofing installations and Self-consumption installations from 5 to 10 MW in size.


Tubos Ind Fotovoltaica


You can find more information about these ranges of conduits in the following Sectorial Solutions Catalogue