Telefonica Data Center Alcalá de Henares, Spain






  • rejiband 60
  • rejiband 100
  • pemsaband LX
  • RPLUS Cantilever Arms

Product Solution

Data Centers

Pemsa carried out the supply of rejiband® BYCRO coated wire mesh tray for the fibre optic and IT wiring systems in this Data Center. Built by Ferrovial, for Telefónica, it is located in the town of Alcalá de Henares, near Madrid.

This Data Center has gained the TIER IV certification, complying with the highest requirements and standards of safety and quality for these types of centers. The facility includes 23 IT rooms and a build area equivalent to the surface of eight football pitches, with an energy power equivalent to the consumption of 40,000 homes. This new Data Center will be a world reference by capacity, reliability and eco-efficiency.

rejiband® features make it the most suitable system for IT projects: telecommunication, voice and data

  • The open structure of rejiband® allows the perfect visibility of the wires along their length, allowing for better organization and maintenance, improving the cooling and the installation’s global efficiency.
  • The strength and flexibility of rejiband® allows a maximum use of their capacity and a better adaptation to the path of the installation, enhancing subsequent amendments, in both technical floors and overhead installations.

rejiband® is endorsed and certified by the most demanding standards and tests, as the AENOR N marking, UL Certification, E90 Fire resistance, according to DIN 4102-12.See approvals.

The BYCRO coating of rejiband® avoids the problem of the Zinc Whiskers, the emergence over time of filaments of zinc that can cause failures in the electronic equipment of these facilities. The chromate coating, formed during the passivation with hexavalent free chromium salts, reduces the intergranular tensions produced during the electrolytic and/or pre-galvanized process and origin of the Zinc Whiskers, and creates a protective layer that seals the outer surface

Proof of these benefits are in the numerous Data Center and telecommunication facilities where it has been installed, proving to be the most appropriate tray for these demanding working environments.

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