The recognition obtained by Pemsa is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing professionals and users in the sector with all the information of the highest quality possible.


Pemsa has been awarded for its exceptional contribution to digitalisation and product data quality. This prestigious recognition, granted by Fegime Spain, underscores Pemsa‘s ongoing commitment to excellence in its digital databases.

Specifically, Pemsa achieved a perfect score of 10/10 in catalogue quality, with nearly 100% of its references implemented with all the necessary features. This highlights the company’s dedication to quality and precision.


Fegime Spain, one of the most important electrical material distribution groups in the Spanish market, with over 150 points of sale and presence in 24 countries on behalf of its members, praised Pemsa‘s impressive progress in digitalisation, positioning it as one of the most advanced suppliers in this field, both nationally and internationally.

Moreover, in the area of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Pemsa has shown a clear commitment to this type of transaction, with minimal incidents and problems. According to the members, this aspect grants Pemsa a leading position that positively contributes to the joint business.

This new recognition adds to its list of achievements in digitalisation. In 2022, the company was presented with the Quality of Digital Information award in the electrical material category by AUNA (IMELCO), highlighting its constant commitment to data and technology excellence.


Additionally, Pemsa’s catalogues can be found in various formats, with updated information and tariff changes in BMEcat 5.0 and previous versions, as well as the recent ETIM xChange format, for which it was the first company globally to develop and obtain validation under the standards defined by ETIM International.


The company understands that the best way to assist professionals is not only through the design, development, and manufacturing of cable management systems that meet their specific needs, but also by providing them with all the product information possible, of the highest quality, so they can maximise the benefits of their products.


This strategy has positioned Pemsa as one of the leading companies in the digitalisation of information, as well as one of the most valued by professionals.