Pemsa’s App offers a lot of functionalities to support and improve the installation of cable tray


One of the latest and most useful tools that Pemsa has developed during the last year is the new app, with all of its functionalities and applications.


The new app will help and optimize the work at the same point of the installation, saving a lot of valuable time for the installers and engineers. With your smartphone, you will able to work on your project wherever you are and check all the info required.


We are going to explain all the news about the app and why it could become the only tool you need for your day to day information:


Check the features and advantages of all the products anywhere in the World


The main feature, and the one which presents more benefits for the installation, is the QR reader. Through the QR code, it is possible to easily identify any of Pemsa’s product in any place, just with your smartphone.


With your phone, you will be able to access all of the details about the features, advantages and applications of every product.


Calculate and size the cable tray in the same place


Pemsapro also allows you to calculate and size the cable trays within your smartphone. From now on, engineers and installers will be able to choose the size of cable tray for an electrical or telecommunication installation anywhere.


This tool is already available on the Pemsa website but now you can also work with it, wherever required, from your smartphone.


Access to the online catalogue in different ways


This online catalogue has been available for a few months and it offers all of the references and products of Pemsa. Now, from within the app, it is also possible to check the catalogue in several different ways.


The tool includes the product description, the advantages, applications and solutions. You can visit the online catalogue right here.


Access to the BIM library and all of the new Pemsa content


Apart from all of the above, the app will also offer access to the BIM libraries of Rejiband, Pemsaband and Megaband, enabling you to make easy outlines, automatic connections, etc. and other resources such as the technical information videos of the products, webinars and for downloading pdf documents like catalogues or certificates.


You can also check the latest news of the company: new product launches, events, new catalogues and price lists, etc.


The Pemsa app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS phones.



About Pemsa


Pemsa, the manufacturer of Rejiband Wire Mesh Cable Tray, is a Company specialised in technical solutions with cable trays systems and has over 50 years of experience and presence in more than 50 countries.


The Brand stands out for its commitment to quality and does so through the N, ER and IQNET Certifications granted by AENOR, the leading certifying institution in Spain. Pemsa was the first cable tray manufacturer in Spain and one of the first European manufacturers of cable trays to gain ISO 9001 Certification.