This new product offers supports and accessories that configure a ceiling support system for cable trays



Pemsa incorporates into its catalogue the new 3-Sided Rail System. There are two sizes of rail, one of 40x30mm with a thickness of 1.5mm for medium and light loads and the other 41x41mm with a thickness of 2.5mm for heavier loads.


Each Rail has perforations on 3 sides giving a characteristic that significantly increases the possibilities of connecting supports and other accessories. It is a versatile range and will be applicable to numerous projects. The lengths available for both rail formats are 500, 1000 and 3000mm.


The system in turn is completed by a fixing piece (3C Fixing Bracket) that enables the connection of the rails to the ceiling, facilitating the possibilities of variable angles that can be adapted to tunnel vaults or sloping ceilings.


In terms of connection, the new system has a range of horizontal supports (3C Base Rail Support) that are connected in a variety of ways to the perforations on the three faces of the Rails, and are available in widths from 100 to 400. These supports are designed for the connection of cable trays or other installation elements (tubes, conduits, pipes, etc.)


This system of rail structures and supports is available in both Pre-Galvanised and Hotdip Galvanised finishes.


Details of the main characteristics of the new 3-Sided Rail System are as follows:


  • Quick installation system. Thanks to the three-sided perforations of the rails, it allows a quick connection and fixing of the Base Supports.


  • Versatile installation system. From the perforations in the 3 faces of the rail, you can connect different elements such as the fixing bracket for ceiling connection or as a lateral support for the wall. Installing laterally to the rail will increase the stability and the load values of the assembly. See figure 1.


  • The Fixing Support. Provides the opportunity to adjust the connection angle of the system allowing it to be adapted to sloping ceilings or tunnel vaults. See figure 1.

Figure 1. 3C Rail System Installation Example: 3C Fixing Bracket, 3C Base Rail Bracket, 3C Rails with wire tray mounted giving additional strength and reinforcement to the assembly .


  • It also allows the possibility of direct installation of the tray onto the side of the perforated rail. This enables both a vertical and horizontal installation. The option of pendulum mounting where the installation does not require additional supports horizontal forces. See figure 2.

Figure 2. Example of Installation of the 3C Rail System: 3C Fixing Bracket and 3C Rails with both wire and perforated tray mounted.


  • Rail lengths 500, 1000 and 3000mm. This broadens the options for adapting the support system to the installation. The 500 and 1000mm lengths are designed for direct use as a ceiling pendulum whilst the 3000mm length can be cut according to the needs of the installation.


  • Wide range of support sizes. Offering the possibility of installing various widths of tray.


  • System Compatibility with RPLUS GC Brackets. With the 40×30 3C Rail the RPLUS HDG Brackets can be installed laterally on the three perforated faces of the rail. With the 41×41 3C Rail, the RPLUS HDG Bracket can be installed directly to the rail in the usual way with a channel nut and bolt and also on the perforated sides. The use of RPLUS Brackets reinforces the load performance of the system.


  • Excellent load capacity for the 41×41 system. A robust and safe system. Load test values will be available soon.

Figure 3. 3C Rail Installation System: 3C Fixing Bracket, 3C Rails with both wire and perforated tray mounted.