Pemsa continues to advance in its strategy of providing high quality products that ensure safety and performance in electrical installations. The AENOR N mark for the Metatray® range is an excellent endorsement of its dedication to excellence and its commitment to its customers.


In the competitive manufacturing world, ensuring customers that products meet the highest standards of quality, safety and functionality is essential for guaranteeing their present and future success in the market. For companies, conveying these values not only increases customer confidence but also solidifies their position in the market.


The value of the AENOR N Mark

The AENOR N mark has established itself as a distinctive mark of excellence in various industrial sectors. This certification, granted by the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR), constitutes a differentiating element in the market, improving the image of products and services and generating trust among customers and consumers.


Pemsa’s commitment to Its customers and the market

Pemsa has always stood out not only for its commitment to quality and safety in its innovative solutions but also for conveying these qualities to its customers. Since its inception over half a century ago, Pemsa has continuously demonstrated this commitment, including with the recent launch of Metatray®, its range of insulating trays.

This range also holds the AENOR N mark in compliance with the EN 61537 standard for cable tray systems and the EN 50085 standard for cable ducting systems, a recognition of the high standards of quality that Pemsa maintains in its R&D and production processes.

Metatray®, distinguished by its versatility and durability, is an ideal solution for applications requiring safe and long-lasting installation. With the AENOR N mark, the market is assured that they are acquiring products that not only comply with current regulations but also have all their technical characteristics validated by an independent and reputable entity.

Resistance, load capacity, mechanical protection, sealing, insulation and a long list of technical characteristics have been tested and certified by the AENOR N mark under the aforementioned product standards.


For more information, Pemsa provides access to these certificates and its other product ranges in the downloads section.