M30 Street Urban Tunnels Madrid,Spain


Madrid City Council


Acciona / Crespo y Blasco (COFELY)


  • pemsaband SX
  • RPLUS Cantilever Arms

Product Solution


Pemsa supplied, for the wiring systems, almost 40,000 metres of pemsaband® metallic cable trays, with GC, hot-dip galvanising surface treatment to prevent corrosion, as well as RPLUS medium duty cantilever arms and other accessories.

This section of the work included 2 km of tunnels and various branches forming a total length of 10 km of underground roads with 4 lanes for vehicle traffic. The excavation was executed in the most superficial way possible, to lessen the impact on the environment during their implementation and allow the opening of the top slab in case of emergencies.

P1000347Because of the typology of this tunnel and the environment where it is, as a Madrid urban street, and the magnitude of the traffic that will support into operation, it has been designed considering the highest standards and requirements in terms of safety; with all conventional and special safety facilities in tunnels (ventilation, fire protection, electrical maintenance, various control and detection systems, etc.). The range of pemsaband SX trays help to ensure these security requirements.

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