The company continues to support the digitalisation process of its customers and the electrical material sector, positioning itself as a benchmark in this field.

Pemsa has updated its product catalogue to version 9.0 of the ETIM Classification, the international standard model for the technical classification of product data.

Through this certification we continue to support our distributors in the digitalisation process of their business. This ETIM classification structures your product data in a standardised way that allows you to enrich the value chain to your customers by improving the technical information and associated documentation.

This product information with the ETIM 9.0 Classification is included in a BMEcat file format, the market standard for data submission and sharing, available upon request.

The following information is included in this BMEcat:

Logistical packaging information, with weights, dimensions, the volume of primary packaging, and per pallet.

– Information on product images and installation details by reference.

Technical characteristics, dimensions, finishes, classification, etc.

Descriptive information by reference.

– Links to product pages in the Online Catalogue, technical data sheets and product certificates.

ETIM 9.0 classification, which includes, Classes, Characteristics and their values in a standardised way.

You can consult the ETIM classification of each product by accessing the Online Catalogue here.

Pemsa is part of ETIM Spain collaborating in the development of specifications and changes for this internationally standardised product classification through participation in the specific group of Cable Conduction Systems.

ETIM Spain is a project that was born within the Electronet Platform, a society constituted jointly by Adime (Association of Electrical Material Distributors) and AFME (Association of Electrical Material Manufacturers). Both associations represent the majority of distributors and manufacturers in the electrical material sector in Spain. Its objective is to develop and manage the standard model for the technical classification of product data in this country.

If you want to know more information about the ETIM classification or ETIM International click here.

You can check the ETIM classification of each product by accessing the Online Catalogue here.