Megaband Marine Hold Down Clamp

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Megaband Marine Hold Down Clamp
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    -50 / 150 ºC
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    A1 No combustible
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Metal coupler for connecting Megaband® Marine ladder in heights 60, 85, 100 and 120mm and widths from 100 to 1,000mm. Available in various protection systems.

Suitable for the support of wire mesh trays and other items with loads not exceeding 50 kg.

Improves the seal of the fitting or cable gland on the box, reaching IP67.

For assembly you need only two pieces per support.

CE certified in compliance with the low voltage directive 2014/35 / EU

SAFECu Protection system, copper-plated treatment, which confers hygienic properties by eliminating bacteria, viruses and fungi

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GC Class 7 82003128 0.057 Steel with surface coating
INOX Class 9D 82003129 0.053 Acero inoxidable AISI 316L