Fast Clip

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Fast Clip
  • s
  • n
    Steel with surface coating
  • ł
    -50 / 150 ºC
  • Ł
    A1 No combustible
  • ETIM
Metal joining piece with quick connection Click system for creating bends with Rejiband trays. The Rejiband clip attaches to the trays without screws. It is placed in the inside of the bend and joins the sections without the need of any specific tools for its assembly and installation. Made of steel, it is supplied in various Protection Systems.

Fixing by quick click system.

Quick installation without the need for screws or fastenings.

80% saving in installation time.

It facilitates the fast creation and assembly of bends in the trays.

Suitable for all sizes of trays and available in a wide variety of protection systems.

It is used for creating bends in Rejiband trays. It facilitates the installation of Rejiband wire mesh trays in cable management installations.
ó ° p
EZ Class 3 64010072 0.007
BC Class 5 64020072 0.007
GC Class 8 64030072 0.007
BK8 Class 8 64080072 0.007
CU Class 1 82003257 0.006