Bolt Croppers

´ Data sheet
Bolt Cropper for Rejiband® trays to make asymmetrical cuts. Indispensable tool for the "Cut, Bend and Join" system that allows the creation of bends, risers etc. by using the normal straight sections of Rejiband®.

The asymmetrical cut allows the self-repair of the finish.

Better protection than when using other cross-cut or radial cutters that destroy the protective finish.

Quick creation of accessories, bends, level changes etc. with the Rejiband® tray.

Easy adaptation of the Rejiband tray and wiring to suit the needs of the installation.

Lightweight and easy to use.

Suitable for making asymmetrical cuts in the Rejiband® wire mesh tray to create the necessary accessories, such as bends, level changes, reducers etc., to adapt and meet the needs of the installation.