Angle tray Fastener

´ Data sheet
Angle Tray Fastener
  • p
  • s
  • n
    Steel with surface coating
  • ł
    -50 / 150 ºC
  • Ł
    A1 No combustible
  • ETIM
Fixing for the support of Rejiband® Angle wire mesh tray to a beam to ensure a perfect fit. Made of steel and with EZ or BC Protection System.

Quick assembly, screw fastening.

Saves on time and installation costs.

High anti-corrosion properties.

For the the fixing of straight sections.

For the correct support of the angled tray on the beam it is necessary to use a fixing every 1 metre.

Used for the fixing of straight sections of Angle tray to a beam for the management of wiring in indoor installations with dry atmospheres and no contaminants.