3C Strut 41x41x2.5

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3C Strut 41x41x2.5
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    -50 / 150 ºC
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40x41mm rail with a thickness of 2.5mm for high loads in installations of cable trays, electrical conduits and other installations of heating pipes, A/C, fire protection systems, etc. It has perforations on all 3 sides, increasing the possibilities of connecting supports and other items. Made of steel, available in various protection systems.

Together with the 3C Mounting Plate offering the opportunity to regulate the connection angle of the system, adapting to arches of tunnels, galleries and sloping walls

Quick installation system. Thanks to the 3 side perforations allow a fast connection and screwing on the 3C Mounting Plate using M8x65 hexagonal screw.

Versatile installation system. We can connect different elements such as the 3C Mounting Plate for ceiling connection or as a lateral support for the wall, installing it laterally to the rail and increasing the stability and the load values of the set.

CE conformity in accordance to the low voltage directive 2014 /35 /UE and the international product standard IEC 61537

Available in PG and GC Protection Systems

ó ° i p s
PG CLASE 3 0.5 81000104 1.030 1
PG CLASE 3 1 81000106 2.050 1
PG CLASE 3 3 81000109 2.060 3
GC CLASE 6 0.5 82003165 1.080 1
GC CLASE 6 1 82003167 2.160 1
GC CLASE 6 3 82003170 2.160 3