Shoulder Screw M6x20

´ Data sheet
Metal bolt with hemispherical head DIN603 M6x20 for fixing and joining straight sections of Pemsaband® PQU AL trays, supports and any accessory in the facilities. Avoids damaging the cables when they are laid in the trays.

DIN603 head screw for fixing and joining accessories in installations with Pemsaband® PQU AL Cable trays.

Thanks to its pan head, prevents damage to the cables when they are routed or laid in the trays.

Conforms to IEC 61537 and CE Conformity to Directive 2014/35/EU.

High corrosion resistance protection system. GV System and INOX, Stainless steel AISI 316L

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INOX Class 9D M 6 20 67060100 0.007 100 Acero inoxidable AISI 316L -50 / 150 ºC A1 No combustible